AngularJS setup with TypeScript

Recently I started building web applications with Angular and TypeScript. I thought it will good one to create a seed project to myself.

This project is created using
MVC 6, TypeScript and AngularJS 1.5
npm managing packages and running tasks

gulp: for running tasks
Reason:Tasks are written in JavaScript, so it’s much more easy to debug incase of errors.

typings: Since tsd is deprecated, I have used to install typescript definition files. Most of the editors are capable of providing IntelliSense based on these definition files.

browserify: This helps bundle packaging modules written in CommonJS.
Reason: This is much more closer to server side development like NodeJS.

template cache: This creates angular module with all the html templates in project.

sass: compiles all scss files to css
Reason: I chose scss because syntax is much closer to css.

normalize.css: This resets default styling in all major browsers. this helps us getting consisting look across all browsers.

Project can be downloaded from: download from github

Run the following commands from root folder where are config files are present (WebApp folder).

npm install typescript gulp -g

npm install

typings install

Happy Coding!

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