Dotnet Core Hosted Service

Problem Statement: Develop a hosted service that runs in a dotnet core app. This service needs to support dependency injection and logging configuration from the app.

Asp.Net core 3.0 (This works in 2.2 as well)

Step 1:
In Startup.cs add this hosted service to Service Collection


Step 2:
I just want to highlight of couple of key areas from snippet below.

  • Hosted services are singleton, so you cannot inject scoped or transient services.
  • Service Provider can be used to create scope from which you can get all required services from dependency container.
  • Cancellation token is the key service that can be used to handle graceful shutdown and also keep the service running in the background.
public class EmailBackgroundService : BackgroundService
private readonly IServiceProvider _serviceProvider;
private readonly ILogger<EmailBackgroundService> _logger;
public EmailBackgroundService(IServiceProvider serviceProvider, ILogger<EmailBackgroundService> logger)
_serviceProvider = serviceProvider;
_logger = logger;
protected override async Task ExecuteAsync(CancellationToken stoppingToken)
while (!stoppingToken.IsCancellationRequested)
await RunSomeprocess();
await Task.Delay(5000, stoppingToken);
private async Task RunSomeprocess()
using var providerScope = _serviceProvider.CreateScope();
var userService = providerScope.ServiceProvider.GetService<IUserService>();
_logger.Log( LogLevel.Information , $"{userService.GetUserId()}");

Have fun!

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